How to Package Electronic Devices for Shipping

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Tad Vaas5 May 2020


Stop! When sending your electronic device off for repairs, it’s not enough to throw it into a box, cross your fingers and hope that it doesn’t get damaged on the way.

Because sadly, accidents can and do happen.

The last thing you want is for your precious Sony PlayStation 4 Pro or MacBook to get smashed to bits in transit just because you didn’t take the time to package it well enough.

And if you don’t package it well enough, you will be the loser. The courier company isn’t going to pay out and give you a replacement if it’s your fault.

That’s why it’s so essential to make an effort and package your items carefully before shipping.

Yeah, we get that this might be a pain and cost you a few extra quid, but prevention is always better than cure, right?

With that in mind, here are our top insider tips on how to package your device when you need to send it away to be repaired.

Remove any loose parts.

Start by removing any loose pieces such as cables or plastic components, so they don’t become dislodged or lost during transit.

Wind up those cables wherever possible and keep them together using an elastic band or something similar. Pop small pieces into a plastic bag and seal it up to keep them safe.

Find a suitable box (or two)

Next, find a box that is at least a couple of inches (2–5 cm) larger than your device. It will give you plenty of space to fit that packaging that will cushion your electronic device during shipping.

If you can, it’s worth trying to get hold of another even larger box that has space for your small one. It allows you to add even more padding to protect your electronics as much as possible.

If you don’t have a box knocking around at home, consider pulling something from your recycling bin, or visit the post office. They’re still open during the lockdown and sell tons of boxes and other packaging materials that you’re likely to need.

Add plenty of padding.

Take your electronic device and wrap as much padding around it as you can. Your goal here is to stop your electronics moving around inside the box, bumping up against the inside, or getting damaged.

Anything will do here. You can use bubble wrap, kitchen roll, screwed up newspapers or anything else soft that you don’t mind giving away, like towels.

Add at least 2–3 inches (5–8cm) of packaging on all sides, including the bottom and the top of your device and keep it all wrapped up tightly. Just avoid using loose packaging as it can create a horrible amount of static.

You’d be surprised to hear how many times we’ve had items turn up in envelopes with zero packagings whatsoever. Like the time we received a top of the range MacBook in a plastic bag.

Before you ask, yes it was damaged, and no, they didn’t get compensation from the courier company.

Close the box

Once you’ve got the packaging sorted, you need to check how well your padding is working.

Place your electronics inside the box, including any loose bits you packaged up earlier. Then close the box and gently move it around. If your electronics move inside, you need to add more packaging.

Then, when you’re happy you’ve protected your electronics as best you can and seal the box securely with tape.

Post your electronic device for repairs

Congratulations! You’ve packaged your item up carefully, and now you can send it off for repairs. But how do you do this?

You have a couple of options. You can either go to your local Post Office or you can arrange for a courier to come and collect from your home, so you don’t have to go anywhere.

Here at TFix, we offer free postage that most of our customers prefer to use. We also have an online portal that keeps it all simple. You place your order and get a QR code delivered straight to your email address.

Then you need to take the package to your local store (as directed on our website), and they will print the label for you and arrange a collection.

So, next time you want to send your electronic device off for repairs, get creative. Make sure you find the right box, take time to add plenty of padding and make sure your item is well protected before you send it on its way.

Want to know more about our online repairs portal? Find out more here.

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