How to repair PS4 HDMI port

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Tad Vaas23 Mar 2020


What does HDMI port do in your PS4?

The HDMI port is responsible for outputting the high-resolution image to your TV screen. Most of the video equipment, including game consoles, have one.

Why does the HDMI port break on PS4?

Sony did make a great gaming console; however, as with every generation, there is an underlining design flaw. This time we call it HDMI plague. Due to poor design, first-generation PlayStation 4 consoles HDMI ports are weaker and tend to break. These ports are soldered using little tiny pins to a motherboard inside the PlayStation 4. When the HDMI cable is abruptly yanked, pulled or inserted at an angle, it brakes off the motherboard.

Can you fix a ps4 HDMI port?

The only way to fix your PlayStation’s HDMI port is to replace it with a new one. These are the steps to replace HDMI port on a PlayStation 4 game console successfully:

  • Disassemble your game console (security Torx screwdrivers will be required)
  • De-solder old port from the motherboard
  • Solder the new port in
  • Clean all the flux residue
  • Assemble you PlayStation 4
  • Test it to make sure everything worked correctly

In some cases, the HDMI port damage can cause further problems within your game console. Here’s a list of things that can go wrong when the HDMI port failed inside your PS4:

  • PCB tracks can lift off the mainboard, which would require professional restoration
  • Signal conditioning coils can fail, which causes no video signal, even after successful HDMI port replacement
  • HDMI controller can fail. It usually happens when HDMI port pins mangle inside and cause short-circuits
  • APU BGA could be faulty. It means a BGA rework procedure, which required professional BGA rework station

How much does it cost to fix ps4 HDMI?

Due to professional soldering equipment involved, PS4 HDMI port repair could be quite costly. However, with this issue being so overwhelmingly popular, a lot of places learnt how to do it efficiently. So you should not be expecting to pay more than 50–70 GBP for such a service.

How can I play my ps4 without HDMI?

Unfortunately, there is no way to connect your PS4 to a TV without an HDMI port. This port is the only digital video signal port on the back of your PS4.

Why won’t my HDMI work on my ps4?

PlayStation 4 is extremely picky when it comes to HDMI port and a signal it transfers over it. There could be various reasons why the HDMI port stopped working on your game console:

  • The HDMI port faulty
  • Your HDMI cable is faulty
  • The TV does not support PlayStation’s resolution
  • There is a significant hardware failure inside your PS4

Can I use a USB to HDMI on a ps4?

Even though you might think that USB to HDMI adapters exist for laptops and computer the PlayStation does not support this and cannot output and video signal via any of its USB ports. The main reason is that there are no drivers available or even the ability to install such drivers via PlayStation’s operating system.

What is the white light of death ps4?

WLOD, as it’s called, is an indication that your game console thinks it finished the startup procedure and currently under regular operation. White Light Of Death situation is when your PS4 ended starting up; however, it does not display anything on your TV. Potential issues would be faulty HDMI port or anything along the video signal line, such as HDMI controller or coils.

How do I fix the white light of death on my ps4?

It’s not possible to repair your HDMI port unless you have some serious soldering skills and equipment. You need the following equipment to replace your HDMI port on PlayStation 4:

  • Torx security screwdrivers
  • De-soldering iron
  • Flux
  • Solder
  • Decent quality soldering iron
  • Micro-soldering iron
  • Microscope
  • Replacement HDMI port part

Once you have all these, the technique is complicated as it involves soldering many tiny pins under a microscope. Also, if the HDMI port is a single issue, consider yourself lucky.

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