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Tad Vaas20 Mar 2020



  • Help the environment by reducing electronic waste worldwide.
  • Help people by providing opportunities for making second-hand electronics a viable option. Come up with easy access, no experience required workplaces for people with interest in tech.

There are two main ways to reduce electronic waste:

  1. By helping people to be more aware of how they can personally affect the environment by making a conscious decision not to throw away their used electronic equipment.
  2. By making electronics recycling as the option, which provides not only substantial financial benefit but also a personal comfort.

Organisations achieve the first option by running propaganda campaigns to try and affect people’s consciousness and shout aloud with a hope that everyone will have a change of heart and will gradually start caring for the environment, just because of developed empathy for the cause. This approach has multiple issues associated with it. The main problem that most of humanity still lives where their priority is to look at their life pragmatically, and one will always prioritise his own needs over environmental responsibility.

The reality of propaganda approach is that there is only a tiny amount of people who feel genuinely passionate about reducing electronic waste and help the environment. Most people don’t even realise how this can affect the planet, how this adds to global warming and how we are impacting the current climate for generations to come. The reality is that most people feel they struggle enough to go through life without the need of putting the burden onto themselves of making sure they recycle their electronic or other waste responsibly.

However, there is another, second solution, the solution we think has much better potential to affect the amount of electronic waste we throw away into the environment. The option that we are currently working on. What we decided to do is to build a project, which aims to be a kick-ass business model first and as a byproduct reduces electronic waste. We aim to give people no choice but to recycle their electronic equipment by making it a pragmatic and sensible choice.

For example in a situation where one has a broken game console, one most likely decides to recycle the device on the grounds of how much personal gain he will receive other than the fact that they will save the environment by reducing electronic waste. We understand that, and instead of appealing to people’s hearts, we appeal to their wallets, their time and show the benefits of recycling through that.

Our project makes it the priority to provide financial benefit and comfort as a direct value to those who choose to recycle. We aim to build a business where it outlines how it just makes more sense to try and repair your electronic equipment instead of dumping it. And when one weighs the pros and cons of buying new against trying to fix it, it merely makes sense to try and repair it as we aim to get you to realise you would be throwing money away otherwise. Therefore, we aim to be an independent business, which strives to make electronic recycling not even a choice but a practical necessity.

Whenever a device breaks down, most people think about how to replace it with a new unit. However, what if everyone would be aware of this stellar company, which has a perfect reputation, short service times and super low prices, which can bring that device back to life. Of course, it’s so easy to go to the local electronics outlet and buy new gear. However, let’s think it through:

  • You have to have the money to purchase a new kit.
  • You have to get to a local electronic’s store.
  • Once you’ve bought it, you have to bring it back home.
  • You have to connect a new device and set up all of your accounts on it.
  • You still have to decide what to do with your old kit. Of course, you can bin it, and a lot of people choose to do that. However, it is currently kind of against the law.

What we want to be is the company that people think off when their electronic equipment breaks. We want people to believe that it will be so much easier and cheaper to use TFix and get their kit fixed instead of buying new, that it does not make sense not to do so. The benefits of using our services are:

  • You don’t have to leave your house. All you have to do is go to a website, select device, fill in details and that’s it, the order goes through. Download the instructions and labels, which allow you to ship your device to our recycling centre without spending a penny. Don’t have a printer? No problems. Here, click a button, and we will deliver you printed labels via the post.
  • No need to look for electronic’s store or leave your area as you can ship your device over to TFix from any local post office free of charge.
  • We will fix your device, it will be that same device you got used to, you know how it works, you know how to use it, and it fits where it sits.
  • Nothing to set up, we will do our best never to touch any of your data, so that we cause as little inconvenience as possible.
  • The best part is that by using us, you’ve done three crucial bits:
  • You saved money for yourself. Treat yourself!
  • You, probably unconsciously, done your bit to help the environment by reducing electronic waste on your own.
  • You supported a business, which helps humanity to leave the planet in better shape for generations to come.

The best news is that no one had to guilt you into it, you did not do it because of propaganda campaigns, you’ve done it because it felt that it is the best choice. You have seen a direct financial and personal benefit to do so.

TFix aims to be that company. The business that you can trust, the company that will provide you with a functional solution to a practical problem. The project which naturally, as a byproduct, reduces electronic waste, and the more successful we are, the more electronic waste we help to overcome. The bigger we become, the more efficient we can be, the better prices we can offer to our clients, the more benefit they see in recycling over buying new. The more money we make, the better minds we can acquire, which can contribute even more to come up with better ways to run our business and get in front of people’s eyeballs.

We want to be the company that even makes government think wtf. How do these guys make a bigger statistical impact on reducing electronic waste? How did they figure out the plan, which we fail to achieve with all this money and resources? We want to make everyone realise that you can’t make people be conscious and aware because everyone has different priorities in life. However, what can be done is make people recycle their electronic equipment by showing them how they can practically and financially benefit from it.

To execute our mission, we have to ensure that we are a successful and profitable business. Therefore we sometimes have to put business practice first if it will allow us to be a more prominent company in the long term. We believe this is the only way to impact as many people as possible. The way we see it is, the more people use us, the more devices we save from being sent to landfill.

We will always choose to sacrifice, be it financial gains or some of our values, short term for the bigger picture. It means that if we need to innovate and be the best amongst the competition, we will do whatever it takes to be the best. We will work relentlessly to be the best, most efficient business there is because we believe we can affect the environment the most by giving people practical value in exchange for doing so. We think we can make a more significant impact on the planet rather than organisations relying on an appeal to people’s conscience only.

Make access to second-hand electronics easier and safer.

Not everyone has the financial freedom to have all the latest gadgets. We understand that second-hand electronics market is enormous; however, there is a reason for it. It provides those with less money to still have access to technology, which in many ways is an improvement to everyone’s lives. We recognise this and aim to contribute by providing better access to used technology by buying, reliably refurbishing and selling electronic equipment within the UK or other developing countries. To someone in the UK, a phone, which is three generations old might be worth next to nothing, however, to someone in a third world country could be a massive improvement on the quality of life.

Providing easily accessible workplaces for local people

We also aim to structure our business in such a way, where it provides a simple, comfortable and easily approachable working environment for those passionate about electronics, gadgets, technology or even recycling. We aim to build our core team of people with the same personal values, which makes understanding each other easier. Interdependent people have more chances to be creative and tend to work hard easier.

We do not tend to side politically with anyone and have a simple agenda in mind. We aim to acquire and continuously improve skills, which other people would be willing to give us value in exchange for, be it financial or any other kind, that improves our well-being.

When it comes outside our core team, we aim to create workspaces that require only a passion for electronics and will to learn so that you could start working with us. We work tirelessly to simplify our procedures to provide as much support as possible for someone who decides to join our project; therefore, we always tend to prioritise passion for learning and team skills over experience and specialised expertise.

Worldwide mission

One we have a successful project, the project where we can scale and make money on, by offering practical recycling solutions for people within the UK. Once we have a strategy on how to build successful core teams and able to provide simple and easily approachable workplaces for local people, we then intend to scale this project all over the world. Build successful businesses and recycle millions of devices as a byproduct of doing so.

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